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The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere @ NGV Studio

Welcome to the first NGV Studio Blog Entry! For the past week and a half, we have been installing The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere at NGV Studio. GACPS is a collaboration between Perth-based artists Abdul Abdullah, Casey Ayres and Nathan …  More

My Desk

I have a problem with books and it is mostly that I like them too much. Particularly art books, because they are full of information and equally beautiful. So my desk is usually buried in monographs and histories. I prefer …  More

Collection Selection – Yayoi Kusama

During rare quiet moments I like to spend time with Yayoi Kusama’s Tender are the stairs to heaven, 2004. In the darkened room on Level 3, everything else melts away, what is left is limitless space and a never-ending illuminated staircase. As …  More