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NGV Volunteer Alex Clark on RALLY: Contemporary Indonesian Art

Alex Clark is one of the lovely volunteers who helped install RALLY: Contemporary Indonesian Art – Jompet Kuswidananto & Eko Nugroho. Inspired by Eko’s  Waterwall mural Flick that chip from your shoulder (2012),  Alex drew this charming illustration entitled ‘Eko at Work’. …  More

Collection rehang at NGV International

  Something not often considered by our audience is that as the NGV Collection is of such high quality many of our great treasures are often lent to exhibitions both in Australia and overseas. Consequently the hang of the collection …  More

Miso and the Crossbar Café at NGV Australia

Miso is a Melbourne street artist who has risen to international prominence through her distinctive Art Nouveau inspired depictions of women. Her work, which is often presented framing doorways, typically combines cut-paper paste-ups with intricate hand-painted patterning. While Miso’s practice …  More

A warm welcome

Despite the freezing Melbourne morning on my first day as Director at the NGV three months ago, I’ve received an extremely warm welcome from all. Now I hope to extend that welcome to old and new visitors, who I look …  More

Napoleon and the bee

After much consideration, Napoleon chose the bee as the emblem to represent his status as Emperor. It is a motif rich in meanings. Due to its industrious habits the bee has come to symbolise hard work, diligence, industriousness and orderliness. …  More