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Sean Fennessy on Jeff Wall

Jeff Wall expects his photographs to be viewed large. Enormous, in fact, and preferably mounted as transparencies in light boxes to enhance their colour and detail. It’s therefore difficult to faithfully reproduce Wall’s highly meticulous tableaux on paper. As a souvenir …  More

Pacific Sun

Pacific Sun Thomas Demand began to make films around 1999.  Often showing ‘familiar’ subjects; falling rain, the perpetual motion of an escalator, or the relentless movement of a CCTV camera; his film work is quite mesmerising. The films are produced …  More

Michel Blazy’s ‘Bouquet final 2′ as part of White Night Melbourne

While so many exhibitions and programs in the NGV’s large calendar of events are organised months, if not years in advance, occasionally great opportunities present themselves at comparatively short notice. A wonderful example of this is Michel Blazy’s fantastical, and …  More

A new breeze

Suspended according to the most basic laws of physics, and yet somehow defying nature’s gravitational pull, Žilvinas Kempinas’ Double O 2008 is a sight to behold… Two loops of videotape – employed as sculptural material and graphic form rather than …  More

The backyard at the NGV

What an amazing green space! The backyard at the NGV is my sanctuary. Hi, my name is Maddi Hanson and I look after the NGV’s backyard. I have worked here for the past year as the Maintenance Gardener. The garden …  More

The constructed worlds of Thomas Demand

When you look at the work of Thomas Demand, at some point you realise that what you are looking at cannot be real. As this becomes apparent you understand that you are looking at a paper simulation of the world. …  More

Can you help us find this painting?

Called In the woods it was painted by the little known Australian artist Iso (Isobel) Rae in 1892 in France. We would like to include it in the exhibition Australian Impressionists in France opening later this year. Rae had been …  More