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LMFF Runway 1 & 2

RUNWAY 1 Piercing sound, lights hit, beat kicks in and the audiences attention was captured. The atmosphere was buzzing as we sat on the edge of our seats anticipating the first L’Oréal Paris Runway for 2013. Expecting only the best …  More

LMFF Runway 5

We had to refrain ourselves from biting our freshly manicured nails we’d been so eagerly awaiting the pairing of L’Oréal Paris Runway 05 presented by Harper’s BAZAAR with some of our most beloved Australian designers. Opening the show with a …  More

Australian made

This full-skirted dress with crinoline and wide pagoda sleeves epitomises the feminine fashions of the mid-1850s. Made before the sewing machine became widely available, Dress has been completely hand-stitched and would have been made by an accomplished dressmaker. Although the …  More

The fashion detective: Looking for clues

The vintage fashion lover will quickly hone her detective skills on the clues that garments reveal: style, fabrics, detailing, sizing and the most important determinant of value – the labels! Here is a beginner’s lesson in the mysteries that labels …  More

Unknown dress V Cake

Image: Kate Longley and Zoe Allnutt from Wardrobe V Pantry couldn’t decide if they liked fashion or food more so they just stuck ‘em together.

Ballet & Fashion

There’s nothing more delightful to me than sitting in a theatre waiting for a show. I get a little rush through my whole body when the lights go down, the chatter winds up, a curtain opens or an orchestra starts. …  More

Campbell Soup Company V Tomato soup and toasted cheese

I haven’t had a bowl of tinned tomato soup in years and this brings me back to the days when a can of Campbell’s tomato soup, especially with that very classy gold badge, was one of the most exotic things …  More