Melbourne Now countdown – day 54

One of the most exciting yet nerve racking times is when drawings are finally translated into built form. Even as the authors of the drawings having studied them for days, weeks and months we are still surprised at the transformation of the exhibition spaces.  As you move around the galleries new walls and structures provide opportunities for unexpected views that are always a surprise. Colour seeps through from spaces beyond and materials play off one another blurring sightlines to create playful intersecting spaces. This is when all those months of planning start to take shape and the realisation of our 2D drawings become a spatial reality.

The next spatial evolution is when the artists and artworks occupy these spaces complimenting and enhancing each other to create engaging dialogues.


2 Responses to Melbourne Now countdown – day 54

  1. Robert Lee Davis says:

    Is the NGV doing enough to break down the barriers that separate institutions from artists? Why not create an exhibit that invites artists from every social economic level to participate artistically in Melbourne Now?

  2. NGV says:

    Hi Robert, thank you for your feedback. That’s certainly one of the considerations underpinning the development of this project and there are over 400 diverse participating practitioners. We look forward to your further reflection on this once the exhibition is open.