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Reuben Paterson A crucifixion 2012

The influence of Reuben Paterson’s Maori heritage is particularly strong in this opulent work, which focuses on a particular kowhaiwhai (pattern), named Puhoro, used in thigh tattoos for both men and women. This kowhaiwhai describes the lines in a canoe’s …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 7

The pre-contact art system of South-East Australia, which is embodied in men’s shields and other ritual objects of material culture, finds powerful and explicit expression in Melbourne Now. The repeated incised or painted crosshatched, herringbone, zigzag, chevron, diamond, rhombic, parallel …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 27

Senior Curator, Indigenous Art, Judith Ryan spoke to artist Maree Clarke about her kankaroo-tooth necklace that will feature in Melbourne Now.   JR: Tell us about your production of kangaroo-tooth necklaces.  How did you discover the way such objects were …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 53

Senior Curator, Indigenous Art, Judith Ryan, spoke to Kent Morris about the Indigenous Arts in Prisons and Community Pilot Program. Two of the artists who have been nurtured by this program have produced innovative works that will be featured in Melbourne Now. …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 75

Senior Curator of Indigenous Art, Judith Ryan, spoke to Melbourne Now artist, Steaphan Paton, for the NGV Blog. JR: Your interdisciplinary practice often references customary Indigenous material culture and iconography. Can you please explain how you developed your knowledge of …  More

National Reconciliation Week

Senior Curator, Indigenous Arts, Judith Ryan, explains the significance of Reconciliation week.   National Reconciliation Week was initiated in 1996 by Reconciliation Australia to celebrate Indigenous history and culture in Australia and foster reconciliation discussion and activities. It is held …  More