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Sound, Music and Melbourne Now

Melbourne has a thriving and internationally recognised sound art and experimental music scene, and it has a number of platforms in the Melbourne Now exhibition and associated public programs.   We have invited a number of sound artists and composers …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 19

With the recent success we have had in activating Federation Court at NGV International – first with the kinetic sculpture clinamen by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot and, following that, the instruments and performances that made up the Disarm project by Pedro Reyes …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 34

Want to join the conversation? There’s a number of ways Melburnians, visitors to Melbourne Now and others can interact with one another and input into a range of projects and programs that are part of this ambitious exhibition.   Twitter …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 87

Marco Fusinato is an artist, musician and sound curator who is primarily interested in the aspirations, forms and failures of radical politics and the aesthetic and potential of disruption.   He has been exhibiting in galleries, performing and recording for …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 98

Peter Tyndall is a well-respected, and rather funny, conceptual artist, who has developed a number of tropes that engage with recursive relationships between art, language and meaning. Language shapes what is possible to know; at the same time meaning shapes …  More