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We Blog Fashion responds to Melbourne’s online fashion culture with posts from Wardrobe V Pantry, Leo Greenfield, emerging designers, vintage retailers, NGV curators and local commentators.

Leo Greenfield and Magg

In the guise of fashion illustration Leo interrogates street culture and imagery and posts these drawings regularly on his blog

Mariano Fortuny V Macarons

Pink pleasures I’d never thought of Fortuny’s colours in terms of food but this pairing makes perfect sense. The jewel bright colours of the designer’s hand-dying and the sheen of an ultra-fine satiny silk are tempered by the horizontal undulations and …  More

Drawing Fashion

An invitation to draw for the NGV Blog during the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2013, brought back some memories. I was reminded of how ten years ago, I was obsessed with Tim Blank’s TV series, Masters of Style. It was …  More

Thomas Harrison V Rose cupcakes

By the late 1930s, Ballarat-born Thomas Harrison was Melbourne’s best-known milliner. His hats were coveted by women from all over Australia. An influential presence on Melbourne’s millinery scene, Harrison’s handiwork included one-off pieces for the wardrobes of individual clients, discreet …  More

Simon O Mallon V Blueberry lemon bars

    Image: Kate Longley and Zoe Allnutt from Wardrobe V Pantry couldn’t decide if they liked fashion or food more so they just stuck ‘em together

Tusk Tusk

When the Melbourne-based fashion designer Christopher Graf created his striking Tusk dress in 1999, he had been operating his label for more than fifteen years. In the early 1980s Graf was one of a new wave of young and innovative …  More

Comme des Garçons on the street

The daring, deconstructed aesthetic of Japanese label Comme des Garçons is incomparable, but current day fashion is again drawing on elements of this 1996 ensemble in a tendency towards longer line silhouettes and capes.The billowing shape of cover-ups for autumn/winter 2013 …  More