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The conservation of Kore (Acc.No.1045A-D4)

Following my last blog post  on the conservation work on the NGV’s Kore (Acc.No.1045A-D4) I have some updates to share.   After one of the previously mended breaks came apart, all remains of the old adhesive needed to be removed. …  More

Keith Haring mural is restored

In 1984 during a three week visit to Australia, New York artist, Keith Haring, undertook a number of public art events. In Melbourne these included painting the NGV’s waterwall and completing a mural on the wall of what was then …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 83

Conservator, Catherine Earley, speaks about preparing for Melbourne Now.   I’ve just come back to my desk after taking part in a project meeting for Melbourne Now.  Armed with a list of artists and artworks my mission at these recurring meetings …  More

The conservation of Kore (Acc.No. 1045A-D4).

Having recently begun conservation work on the NGV’s Kore (Acc.No. 1045A-D4), I would like to share some of the fascinating history around this work, and some insights into the conservation work currently being undertaken.   As conservators, we are always …  More

Framing the Australian Impressionists in France

It is widely acknowledged that the Impressionists developed a radical style of painting. From their choice of subject to the materials and techniques they used, their approach was a deliberate rejection of the prevailing academic tradition. What is less well …  More

Correggio’s Madonna and Child with infant St John the Baptist

Correggio’s Madonna and Child with infant St John the Baptist is once again gracing the walls of the NGV following a conservation treatment. Acquired through the generosity of NGV Trustee Andrew Sisson in 2011 the work was briefly displayed after …  More