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Melbourne Now open studios

Melbourne Now is a pulse check of Melbourne’s art scene. As you wander through the galleries at both NGV International and NGV Australia you are met with some of our most prominent artists and discover some who will soon be …  More

Designing a Brighter Globe: Brightgreen LED lighting at Melbourne Now

When design curator Simone LeAmon contacted us on behalf of the NGV earlier this year, we were thrilled that the gallery was considering including Brightgreen LED lights as part of its diverse summer showcase. We have always prided ourselves on …  More

Three Thousand DIY workshops

The ability to adroitly sketch a little comic illustration is a skill with myriad uses. A back-of-a-napkin sketch slid facedown towards someone attractive in a bar. A pithy scrawl in the margin of a book then gifted to a prospective …  More

Growing Food Project: local, fair and sustainable

Most of us living in congested cities feel disconnected to where our food comes from. Shopping at supermarkets and relying on food that comes from far away contributes to unethical consumptions, unequal distributions and ecological damage. What if food is …  More

Sound, Music and Melbourne Now

Melbourne has a thriving and internationally recognised sound art and experimental music scene, and it has a number of platforms in the Melbourne Now exhibition and associated public programs.   We have invited a number of sound artists and composers …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 1

On the eve of the opening of Melbourne Now I have butterflies. Not because I am an exhibiting artist about to celebrate with everyone involved in this extravaganza, but because I am about to create a large-scale billboard painting intervention …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 2

As the name suggests, ‘The Telepathy Project’ has been grounded in telepathy since our formation, yet a new force is increasingly prevalent in our work – dreams! We have been working with them for several years now, designing and conducting …  More