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A new year; a new series of Three Thousand DIY workshops

A new year; a new series of DIY workshops hosted by Three Thousand at Melbourne Now. Harvest Textiles doing the hard work teaching kids to makes soft things, Adriana Giuffrida of POMS transmitting mystical meaning through acts of beading and …  More

Review of Monet’s Garden: A Book for Kids

What did you like about Monet’s Garden: A Book for Kids? The picture of the house at the start of the book.   What was the most interesting story in the book? I like the story where they spotted him …  More

Mum, Kate Nelson, brings her son to Robin Rhode: The Call of Walls

Robin Rhode: The Call of The Walls is one of many fantastic family friendly experiences the NGV has on offer this Winter.   I count myself lucky to be a citizen of Melbourne; at my leisure I have multiple reasons …  More

A visit to NGV Kids Space and NGV Kids Corner

Guest Blogger: Kate Nelson I like to think of us as old hands when it comes to visiting the NGV Kids Space and Corner. I always marvel that my kids automatically understand that these Spaces are for them.  Whilst we …  More