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National Reconciliation Week

Senior Curator, Indigenous Arts, Judith Ryan, explains the significance of Reconciliation week.   National Reconciliation Week was initiated in 1996 by Reconciliation Australia to celebrate Indigenous history and culture in Australia and foster reconciliation discussion and activities. It is held …  More

John Harding on Sorry Day

Respected Indigenous playwright, poet and bureaucrat, John Harding, will be giving a talk at the NGV on Sorry Day to discuss sorry business, and how all Australians can move forward in reconciliation. Here, John explains what Sorry Day is.   …  More

Michel Blazy’s ‘Bouquet final 2′ as part of White Night Melbourne

While so many exhibitions and programs in the NGV’s large calendar of events are organised months, if not years in advance, occasionally great opportunities present themselves at comparatively short notice. A wonderful example of this is Michel Blazy’s fantastical, and …  More

Thomas Demand – The realm of the artist

When you step through the door into the Thomas Demand exhibition you enter a realm that was conceived, meticulously planned, and built to his exacting specifications.  Demand designed every aspect of this exhibition.  Having selected the photographs and films that …  More