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Friday Nights at Italian Masterpieces – Kirin J Callinan

A standout line-up of musical acts will take the stage in the NGV’s Great Hall when the enormously successful Friday Nights series returns for Italian Masterpieces. We caught up with Kirin J Callinan who will be kicking off the series …  More

UNKNOWN Noah’s Ark c. 1600

Mughal paintings combine Persian and Indian painting traditions and are characterised by a rich palette, fine modelling and intricate detail. This painting dates from the end of the reign of the third Mughal Emperor, Akbar (c.1556–1605), who employed Indian artists …  More

Inside Out

The quiet quarters of a gallery archive are – by definition – hidden from view. Immaculately protected in this format, artworks remain untouched with the exception of the gloved hands of the Curator and Conservator. Fashion objects present an even …  More

Australian Home Beautiful

As part of a ‘capstone’ subject to complete my University of Melbourne Master of Art Curatorship, I have been an Intern at the National Gallery of Victoria assisting the curator Kirsty Grant with Mid-Century Modern: Australian Furniture Design.   Much …  More

Ulanda Blair on Top Arts

‘Big Fish, Little Fish’ (Top Arts, 1997) was inspired by my move as a teenager from a tiny desert town in remote North West Victoria, to the Mornington Peninsula. It was a mixed-media work containing large-scale photographic prints, bleached fish …  More

GREECE / ITALY Torso of an athlete 1st century BC-1st century AD

This marble torso is an outstandingly well-preserved representation of an athletic male body in its prime. It is thought to be a Roman copy of an original by the Greek sculptor Polykleitos. The general style is of the fifth century …  More

Italian Masterpieces – Young Researchers

Imagine if you could spend two whole days in a gallery discovering the tricks of the trade of master artists such as Raphael and Michelangelo and understanding what they did that forever changed how people saw their world!   Well …  More