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A few of my favourite things: Cataloguing loans for exhibitions

In addition to our collection displays, the NGV offers a rich schedule of exhibitions across both our Australian and international art venues. A checklist of the artworks to be displayed is prepared for each exhibition and these checklists comprise all …  More

A few of my favourite things: Cataloguing art that’s bigger on the inside

The NGV has collected what we broadly describe as ‘multimedia art’ since the 1970s. Over the years, devices for storing and presenting this art have changed. While analogue formats like video cassette once dominated, digital betacam and DVD are now …  More

A few of my favourite things: A little gem

A fair amount of groundwork goes into cataloguing an artwork. Conversations take place, there is paperwork to compile, questions of access and fragility to consider and acquisition details to confirm. By the time I see an object, I usually have …  More

Cataloguing the Collection

The work of a cataloguer is never done. Many ‘fully’ catalogued artworks are just one conservation treatment shy of full medium analysis, one census record short of a complete artist’s biography, one eureka moment away from a confirmed production date, …  More