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Growing Food Project: local, fair and sustainable

Most of us living in congested cities feel disconnected to where our food comes from. Shopping at supermarkets and relying on food that comes from far away contributes to unethical consumptions, unequal distributions and ecological damage. What if food is …  More

Melbourne Now countdown – day 15

As the entree to Melbourne Now, the NGV is hosting Melbourne’s Most Liveable Lunch, an iconic Melburnian culinary experience from 11–22 Nov. Chef Shane Delia has curated an incredible food experience.   What makes Melbourne the World’s Most Liveable City for the third year running? I suppose you would get a …  More

Edible art

Something very special is currently installed on Level 3 of NGV International. Rirkrit Tiravanja’s work, Untitled (lunch box) has not only changed the tummy-teasing experience of being a long way from Gallery Kitchen after climbing two spiralling floors of art history, but also …  More