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The hazards of painting en plein air (outdoors)

Monet had a strong work ethic and a robust constitution. On painting ‘campaigns’ he often got up at 6am, started work at 8am and didn’t return to his lodgings until 7pm. On his many sojourns to the Normandy coast, he …  More

Monet in Norway

Monet was fascinated with the effects of sunlight on snow and had attempted painting snow-covered scenes even before he fulfilled an ambition to travel to Norway. In the winter of 1895 an opportunity arose to visit his stepson Jacques Hoschedé …  More

Monet and Eugène Boudin

For those of you who are interested in the early influences on Monet, before he became an art student in Paris, head up to the 19th–mid 20th Century Painting and Sculpture Gallery on Level 2 (closed Tuesdays) to see two …  More

Monet’s water wars

In 1893 Monet purchased a parcel of land across the railroad track from his garden and set about planning the construction of a large pond. He wanted to dig a channel from the Ru, a stream running into the Epte, …  More

Review of Monet’s Garden: A Book for Kids

What did you like about Monet’s Garden: A Book for Kids? The picture of the house at the start of the book.   What was the most interesting story in the book? I like the story where they spotted him …  More

John Howley’s Monet

Australian artist, John Howley talks about his own  work which captures Claude Monet in his garden.    The history how this painting of mine came about in 1993  spans four decades. As a student I advanced my painting skills by …  More