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Carting the canvas

It could be heavy work, carrying around all the canvases needed to capture the varied effects of rapidly changing light and atmosphere. Monet overcame this predicament in various ways. On one visit to the Normandy coast he hired a local fisherman to carry …  More

The hazards of painting en plein air (outdoors)

Monet had a strong work ethic and a robust constitution. On painting ‘campaigns’ he often got up at 6am, started work at 8am and didn’t return to his lodgings until 7pm. On his many sojourns to the Normandy coast, he …  More

Monet in Norway

Monet was fascinated with the effects of sunlight on snow and had attempted painting snow-covered scenes even before he fulfilled an ambition to travel to Norway. In the winter of 1895 an opportunity arose to visit his stepson Jacques Hoschedé …  More