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Top Arts 2014

Top Arts 2014!!! What an amazing yet unexpected beginning to the year. Congratulations to all students who applied, regardless of whether you were or were not successful your hard work and passion towards art does not go unnoticed.   Being …  More

Top Arts 2014

The dream started on the way to an annual Top Arts tour in 2013. “I’ll be in the exhibition next year guys, it’ll be a life-sized lino-cut”. Obviously everyone on the bus laughed at not just the idea of getting …  More

Remembering Top Arts 1994

‘I’ve exhibited at the NGV!’   Something that as an 18 year old, I can say I was thrilled to be able to achieve. An amazing experience to share with family and friends, and a shot of confidence that I …  More

Remembering Top Arts 1995

Being selected for Top Arts was both a surprise and delight at the time, some 20 years ago now. I must say, without the passion and initiative of my then Art Teacher, I don’t think I would have been aware …  More